The International Menopause Society

The International Menopause Society was founded in 1978. The aims of the IMS are to promote education, study and research on all aspects of adult women’s health, to organize, prepare, hold and participate in international meetings and congresses on the menopause and climacteric; and to encourage the interchange of research plans and experience between individual members.
Membership of the IMS is open to individual scientists and doctors who are involved in basic research
or clinical work in menopause and adult women’s health, or those individuals who have an interest in these or other aspects of the field.
For more information please refer to the IMS Official website

IMS Officers and Board 2016–2018

Mary Ann Lumsden (UK)
General Secretary
Tommaso Simoncini (IT)
Steven Goldstein (US)
President Elect
Susan Davis (AU)
Past President
Rodney Baber (AU)

Johannes Bitzer (CH),
Margery Gass (US),
Elaine Jolly (CA),
Rossella Nappi (IT),
Alfred O. Mueck (DE),
Florence A. Tremollieres (FR),
Tim Hillard (UK),
Sunila Khandelwal (IN),
Nick Panay (UK),
Serge Rozenberg (BE)

CAMS Chairman
Camil Castelo-Branco (ES)
Director of Education and Development
Amos Pines (IL)
Director of digital education
Duru Shah (IN)
Executive Director
Lee Tomkins (UK)

16th WCM Organizing Committee

Mary Ann Lumsden (UK)
Committee Members
Rod Baber (AU),
Susan Davis (AU),
Steve Goldstein (UK),
Nick Panay (UK),
Tommaso Simoncini (IT),
Kin Yuen (CA)

16th WCM Scientific Program Committee

Chairman of the Congress
Mary Ann Lumsden (UK)
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee
Elaine Jolly (CA)
Chair of the Scientific Program Committee
Nicholas Panay (UK)
Co-Chair Scientific Program
Elaine Jolly (CA)
Scientific Committee
Steve Goldstein (US),
Mary Ann Lumsden (UK),
Robert Reid (CA),
Tommaso Simoncini (IT),
Florence Tremolliers (FR)

National Organizing Committee

Chui Kin Yuen (BC)
Elaine Jolly (ON), Robert Reid (ON),
Michel Fortier (QC)

Regional Organizing Committee

Tim Rowe (BC), Nese Yuksel* (AB),
Denise Black (MB), Christine Derzko (ON),
Celine Bouchard (QC)
Members (Specialists)
Kerstin Gustafson (BC), Nan Schuurmans (AB), Richard Boroditsky (MB), Wendy Wolfman (ON),
Sheldon Frank (ON), Sophie Desindes (QC), Robert Sabbah (QC), Isabelle Delisle (NS), Gillian Graves (NS), Sylvie Dodin (QC)
Members (Family Physicians)
Taryl Felhaber (BC), Unjali Malhotra (BC),
Tami Shandro (AB), Vicki Holmes (SK),
Marla Shapiro (ON), Vivien Brown (ON),
Susan Goldstein (ON)
Members (Pharmacists)
Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic (ON),
Nese Yuksel (AB)
Members (Young Scholars)
Kelsey Mills (BC), Shafeena Premji (AB),
Debra Evaniuk (MB), Ardelle Stauffer (ON),
US advisors
Joann Pinkerton, Margery Gass,
Victor Henderson, Steven Goldstein