Pre Congress Workshop

The Perimenopause: Challenges & Solutions


  • Tim Rowe
    Physiology of menopause transition
  • Wendy Wolfman
    Case 1: diagnosis and Management of the Perimenopause
  • Rodney Baber
    Risk assessment & screening in perimenopause
  • Marla Shapiro
    Case 2: Breast Cancer in the perimenopause
  • Cynthia Stuenkel
    Case 3: CVD & Diabetes in the perimenopause
  • Robert Reid
    MHT regimens in the perimenopause
  • Denise Black
    Case 4: Oral and Transdermal MHT
  • Christine Derzko
    Case 5: Local vaginal therapies
  • Michel Fortier
    Case 6: Progestins and Progestin intolerance

The day right before the congress!

5 June, 13:00–18:00

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